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Santa Maria Navarrese is set within a green valley rich in olives, figs, oleaster, hackberries and a thick Mediterranean scrub.

The hallmarks of the town are the large trees, above all the centuries-old and thousand-year old oleasters that tinge the piazza with green, and the slopes that climb up from the sea, interrupted by the white of the ancient Church and the imposing grey of the Torre Spagnola that guards the bay with its beaches.

The so-called “Centrale” beach is located at the centre of the town, in an enchanting bay sheltered from the wind and bordered at the south by red porphyry rocks.

There is an extremely modern tourist port. Thanks to boat services of various types, you can take excursions along a unique coast of the Mediterranean: 40km of rugged cliffs interrupted now and again by dazzling white coves that are mirrored in the sea.

Among the most renowned locations are (to the south) Guglia di Pedra Longa, Portu Quau, Cala Goloritzè, Cala Mariolu, Cala Biriola, Cala Sisine e Cala Luna.

The land of Baunei is extremely interesting, both with regards to its landscape and its nature, with its karsic valleys, the basalt altiplano of the Golgo and Su Sterro that is the deepest chasm in Europe.

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