Ogliastra is a land rich in natural beauty to be discovered. A large amount of the tourists who choose to stay in a hotel in Ogliastra take this decision in order to go trekking , visit some beautiful caves along the coast, climbing, or as a stage of their motorcycle tour on the roads of Sardinia. Whatever your passion, we will help satisfy your needs during your stay at the Mediterranean Hotel.

Hotel Mediterraneo is located in Santa Maria Navarrese, a town whose surroundings boast a great number of places to visit and experience. Between landscapes, sea and uncontaminated nature, discover which itineraries will make your holiday in Sardinia unforgettable.

Golgo Plateau

The Golgo Plateau is probably the most interesting historical and archaeological context of the entire territory of the Baunese area.

Golgo Plateau Hotel Mediterraneo

Punta Salinas

The path that leads to Punta Salinas is among the most famous and well loved paths of the Supramonte of Baunei.

Punta Salinas Hotel Mediterraneo

The Grotta del Fico

The Grotta del Fico is counted among the most beautiful and largest caves in the whole of Sardinia. Grand and imposing, it is one of the most visited natural attractions in Sardinia.

The Grotta del Fico Hotel Mediterraneo

Cave su Meraculu

In the rich territory of Baunei among the blue, the hundred year old woods and steep cliffs, there is La Grotta del Miracolo a true masterpiece of Sardinian nature.

Cave su Meraculu Hotel Mediterraneo

Perda Liana

Perda Liana is one of the most famous heels of Sardinia: it is an imposing limestone tower of Jurassic era.

Perda Liana Hotel Mediterraneo