Perda Liana

La Perda ‘e Liana is the most famous and characteristic heel of Sardinia.
It lies in the municipal territory of Gairo; it is a imposing limestone tower of the Jurassic era , formed due to water erosion over millions of years. At 1,293 meters above sea level, is also the highest among the heels of the Ogliastra.
The nature of its slopes is stepposa: where species of the mesophilous scrubland prevail, and the soil is not very fertile and sometimes interspersed with the bare rock. Among the bushes, live wild boar , while on the summit, one can often observe golden eagles.
In ancient times, a nuraghic tribe called Ilienses lived in this area , who periodically gathered under the mountain, the sides of which were once completely covered with forests: from the name of these Turbae Gentilis ( Gens Iliens, a name that the Latins gave to these people) derives the proper name of the heel, Perda ‘e Liana (Pietra degli Iliensi).