The Gorge of Gorropu

The Gorropu gorge is considered the deepest canyon in Europe . It is located in the Supramonte of Urzulei , the terminal part of the Flumineddu stream, which before entering and continuing its course in the Oddoene valley, creeps between the vertiginous walls of the Gorge, creating spectacular ponds and digging out caves and siphons. on one uncertain Sunday in April we reached the “Campos Bargios” plateau by car, at km. 180 of the 125 motorway.

A road skirts the steep walls of punta “Gruttas” and allows wide views of the valley below with the town of Urzulei. Continue along the dirt road going right at the first intersection and then follow the signs for “Sedda Ar Baccas” and “Gorropu” ; after crossing the bridge that goes over the Orbuli codula the road climbs upwards on the right side of the mountain and crosses a spectacular hundred year old oak wood where there are beautiful peonies everywhere (in April they were all in bloom!).
The dirt road, which sometimes has good paving, allows us to reach “Sedda ar Baccas”; we advise you park your car here and continue on foot … in silence in the hope of meeting the mouflons along the path (a very likely event). The good signposting allows you to easily reach the natural pool “Pischina Urtaddhala” formed by Codula Orbisi (it is worth getting to the end to enjoy the spectacular view of the walls). Alternatively, the path that bends to the left allows you to reach “Giunturas” in approximately 30 minutes, or the conjunction between the waters of the Flumineddu stream and the waters of Codula Orbisi that, before continuing their path together inside the Gorropu gorge, have dug out a spectacular limestone swimming pool. From this point, with suitable equipment , some good trekking shoes and good technical preparation it is possible to completely cover the gorge, right up to the valley of Oddoene.