Motorbike Tours

For several years now, many motorcycle touring enthusiasts have made the Hotel Mediterraneo their obligatory stop when they cross Ogliastra. The lovers of motorbike excursions know it well: in Sardinia it is possible to cover extremely varied and evocative itineraries . Sardinia, as it is an island, offers incredible landscapes, in a few kilometres you can go from a typical coastal landscape to mountains, valleys and granite areas, still unspoiled places, in short, a true paradise that offers the best of itself to an exploration in motion.
The trip through the Tacchi d’Ogliastra , destination of the bikers who cross Ogliastra, is an absolute duty for those who want to get to know this ancient town, so rich in landscapes and archeology. The heels are limestone-dolomitic mountains with a shape which is very similar to the heel of a shoe. Extended over about 30 square kilometres, they are located in the territories of Gairo, Ussassai, ulassai and Osini. The Tacchi d’Ogliastra territory is rich in Nuraghic complexes, remains of the ancient Sardinian civilization.

For groups of motorcyclists staying at the Hotel Mediterraneo , we organize guided tours of Ogliastra, as well as typical Sardinian dinners to make the experience unforgettable all round.